Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This night has definitely gone to the dogs.....

Many evenings after supper Johnny & I will watch our TV shows, play with the girls or take walks around the neighborhood. Some evenings, however, and not often, Johnny brings home a few hours of work that he has to get done to prep for the next day at the office.

His intentions of getting a lot done are good, but here's how it really goes down.

Aaahhhh, nice comfy chair. All to myself. Just me, my computer and my piles. Nice!

But SOMEONE (who is very, very bossy and ALWAYS gets her way) seems to have another idea.

MY Daddy.

And I've got him trained just right.

What? Don't look at me that way. I'm not moving. My Daddy. My lap.

I. Am. The. Queen.

Peanut.....I can't work like this. I need my other arm. Wait.....who's that?

OK, Mr. Tough guy.

This is going well. Now you have NO hands with which to type.

Yeah, I'm talking to you.

No, I'm not going to type for you. Mr. "These 5 lb. dogs are the boss of me."

Wait! Aren't we missing someone here? That someone is probably feeling very left out.

Oh, poor Minnie Mouse. Sitting over there all by yourself. You should be more bossy like Peanut.

Yeah, like that. Tell him who's boss. Besides, I think he's figured out a way to type now. Piper is satisfied and Peanut is falling asleep. You three have him very well trained.

Now at some point Johnny actually puts them ALL down on the ground and tells them to go lay down on the couch so that he can really get some work done.

And they REALLY listen to him. Because HE'S the head of the house hold. And when he speaks, they snap to attention.

Well......for the most part anyway.

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