Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Will you marry me?" banana cupcakes

"Will you marry me banana cupcakes"  I got the recipe out of a magazine and it said that it was guaranteed to knock a man off his feet and make him propose to you immediately!  Since Johnny and I have been married I have been doing things to try and get him to propose to me.  Over and over and over again he has!  Especially every year on our anniversary.

So I just KNEW that these cupcakes would make his head spin and his heart go pitter-patter.  Especially with a name like "Will you marry me banana cupcakes."  I took the challenge.

I have the sweetest husband in the world.  I know this because (1) the cupcakes didn't rise at all.  They were hard little cakes, dense as you can get.  (2) The home made icing didn't "fluff."  It was thick, creamy goo.  (3) The goo didn't stick to the cupcakes.  And wouldn't spread either.  I ended up balling it up and pressing it onto the top with my hands and praying it wouldn't fall off. 

But my husband?  It didn't phase him at all.  He was very, very happy.

Nope.  Didn't phase him at all.  He ate two (and he had 6 eyes on him the whole time, can you tell?)  He is the sweeeeeetest husband in the world to eat my gross cupcakes with a smile and telling me how delicious they were.

And yes, he proposed.  I really, really like him.


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