Saturday, January 23, 2010

TV tray Hillbillies

Meet..........The Hillbillies.  John & Brenda Hillbilly-Jorgensen.  Our new middle name.

I always feel so weird when we eat in the living room on TV trays.  When I was growing up the only TV shows showing people eating on TV trays were....well, people I did NOT want to become.  However...

In the past year, since Josh rarely eats a supper with us due to his work schedule and going out with friends & his girlfriend, we've gone from eating now and then, to occasionally, to more often than not, to ALL THE TIME on TV trays in the living room so that we can watch our favorite shows on TIVO.

We are now officially Hillbillies.

It's embarrassing.  But it's also FUN!!!  Admittedly, we love it!  I guess it's our new normal. And Johnny is the happiest of all.  In fact, he's thinking we can turn the dining room into a new workshop.  Uhhh....

The way Johnny likes it ~ A puppy, TV tray, big hair, remote control, 2 pens in his pocket, a glass of red (boxed) wine and cowboy food.

I made 15 bean soup with smoked turkey (that he likes to pour over steamed rice) and a cornbread casserole ~ one of Johnny's favorite meals.  P.S. I am never going to lose weight.

Of course it's delicious, it has a block of cream cheese in it.  Need I say more?


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