Saturday, January 23, 2010

Madison's JDRF project (Spy Camera Kit dreams...)

My cutie patootie niece Madison called me yesterday and (I'm still cracking up) needed to have a serious conversation with me.  Here's how it went:

"Aunt Brenda, I need to have a talk with you."  (Oh, this sounded really important.)

"Do you know anyone with Diabetes?" 

"Yes, I do Madison.  Why?  What is this about?"

"Will you give me some money to help my school fight juvenile diabetes?" 

"Well, of course I will!  How much do you need?" 

I heard some rustling.......

"Between $10-$24 is tatoos"
"Between $25-$49 are cardboard binoculars"


"Between $50-$74 is a colored pencil set"
"Between $75-$99 is a magnetic building set"


"Between $100-$249 is a mini lava lamp night light!"


Between $250-$499 is the SPY CAMERA SET!!

(UH-HUH....I'm confused and don't think my checkbook can cure juvenile diabetes....)

"And $500 and above you get a pair of CROCKS!"

" ????????  Holy Cow, Madison!  What kind of school are you going to that wants $200 per call to fight juvenile diabetes?"

More rustling.....My sister, Kat, gets on the phone.....

"Madison NO! ..... She's reading her PRIZE list!  You asked her how much she needed and she went straight for the prize totals!"

Apparently, each child gets a prize depending on the amount of $$ they raised for the JDRF.

(FYI ~ Madison really wants the spy camera kit so grandparents: Fork up the cash!!)

More rustling......

Madison again, this time sticking to the "script" on her paper......"You can give anything from $1 to however much you would like to donate.....any amount will be appreciated."

"Great!  How about 20 bucks?........Hello?........Madison?.......Yoo-hoo Madison...."


Poor little thing. Her dreams of a spy camera kit disappearing right in front of her little eyes. 

A few hours later I got this donation certificate by email ~

So precious!

I'm sorry, Sweetheart.  I hope you get lots of donations and at least get a tattoo.  I can't believe I just said that to a 6 year old.


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