Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 2 of the doggie photo contest. I'm allowed to submit one pic a day for 4 days. Tomorrow I'll submit my best shot of Peanut, but today, oh heart be still......

Do you see why they have us wrapped around their fingers, er, paws? See??!!?

Why yes, I know! She is the cutest long haired Chihuahua you've ever seen! I totally agree!

Anyway, here's Minnie's submission:

Alrighty now, if you were the judge. Who would you pick?

(Remember, I know where you live)

(And I know where your children go to school)

(And I know where you go out to eat)

I don't really on that last one, now I'm just being a bully.

Did you notice that there are 34,100 entries up to this point and there's still 2 days left? Wow, there are a whole lot of crazy people out there who think their dogs are cute. They need help. Serious help.

P.S. I still can't draw a straight arrow on photoshop. But I'll address that later.

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