Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow? In Austin???

When I read the posts from all of my Austin friends on Facebook yesterday that they were expecting bit time real snow I'll have to admit my first thought was of my sister Kat's FB post last week of the "snow" on her windshield:

Do you see it? Try squinting. Maybe tilt your head a little bit. Now?

Yeah, neither did I. But Kat swears it was snowing.  {{sigh}}

My poor, poor, sheltered Southern Sister.

So as I was reading all of the posts I was giggling and thinking "oh this is going to be good....they 'might' find a single snow flake and shut down the city!! OH NO!"

So I was prepared to giggle. I was prepared to giggle a lot.

But I wasn't prepared for the pictures that I got in my email around mid day. Holy Cow! It snowed! It really snowed in Austin!

I'm gonna warn you; I'm a cryer. I call it "emotionally open & extremely secure about it" and my sister calls it "being a basket case." We're very close.

My emotions are bad enough with normal, every day life, songs, commericals and just talking to myself outloud (I'll deny that comment if you ever repeat it), but it's really, really bad when I watch children, more specifically my nieces experiencing things for the very first time.

And don't get me started on my "I was born into this world specifically to have a daughter" issues because I won't be able to see clearly to type this blog entry.  {{sniff}}  That is why God gave me my Madison to love along with my Josh. And now I have a Shelby too! Does it get any better than this?

I wanted snow for Madison sooooo badly. I took geeky videos this winter of snow falling just for her. I posted soooo many snow scenes just for her. I posted pictured of icicles just for her. I made a snow angel just for....OK, I lie, that was all for me....but can we go with "sorta for her?" Just so I look like a cool Aunt. :o) 

I told Madison the other day that I would send her snow......and her little teensy voice on the phone "Oh, Aunt Brenda, I really wish you coooould." (Go ahead, little girl, break my heart, I don't need it).

Well Madison? How did you like my present? Am I just the greatest Aunt EVER?!?!

So pretty in pink ;o)'s where I start to get weepy. Really weepy. (Sorry)

My sweetheart made her very first snowman. His name is FRED.  {{Sniff}}

And now.....for the Coup de grâce.....turn on the waterworks.

My little girl made a Snow Angel.

UGH!! My heart!

What? I warned you. Don't say I didn't.

I have to go now. There's a box of tissues with my name on it.

Shut up, Kat.


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