Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow blower try outs - Meet HELGA

What an eventful weekend!  My Johnny decided to get to know "HELGA" (this is what he named his new boy snowblower.....don't ask me, I just report the news....)


I don't think he realizes the boy part is pointed right at his face. But I love this man so much I don't have the heart to tell him. He just keeps smiling because he's a proud papa. Daddy proud of his Helga.

HI! I'm John and did you know that I have a new snow blower?

Well...the whole court will know very shortly!!


Let me just try her out on this big pile of snow....Holy Cow! I can shoot snow/ice violently...(that's the word he used) violently up to the 2nd story of our townhouse! Pretty darn cool....(He was still smiling)


Lets see if I can shoot snow all over the neighbors driveway & cars. CHECK!  (smiling)


.....And then all over OUR driveway. CHECK!  (look at that grin)

Photobucket to cover our driveway, the neighbors driveway and on the plowed street.  CHECK!

(I'm thinking "oh boy, our neighbors are going to love us...."  P.S. Can you see Johnny is still smiling as he's chasing his run-away Helga?)

"Control your woman, Johnny!"


Now to plow through this waist high mountain to make a sidewalk. Why? BECAUSE I CAN!!  {{evil laugh}} Oh....and to cover the street with even more snow..... CHECK!  (not smiling as much now)


....oops....shooting ice chunks & snow at all of the cars across the street. That can't be good. CHECK!  (Not smiling at all right now).

(By the way....OUR two cars are parked across the street - He hasn't quite learned how to control Helga's boy part yet. And can he hear me screaming? Nope. Can the neighbors hear me? Most likely.)


"A-hem....I'm quite the laidies man in the neighborhood now.....must be my big, shiny, manly, new snow blower....."


Puuuuuuuuush! Almost through. Still shooting ice chunks at the cars across the street. CHECK!

(At this point our next door neighbor is getting kind of worried about his new Rav4 that Johnny is pushing towards.)


Ta-Daaa!!! All the way through. I'm a freaking hero!! I'm a snow blower god! Honey, bring me a beer! I need to scratch and grunt out here for awhile!

Ok, maybe not a beer. How about a hot cocoa? With marshmallows?

(Right after this photo was snapped our neighbor came out and moved his new Rav4 to the other side of the court. And Johnny? Still smiling! And all that snow? Out in the plowed street. Yes, our neighbors are going to love us.)

My Johnny is so happy with Helga. I don't know the last time he's giggled so much! What? Tough Navy men giggle! Yes, they do  :o)

Poor guy has no idea that me and all of our neighbors are praying that there won't be any snow for 2 years. And if we do get snow, I can assure you that all of our cars will be parked in the next neighborhood over - and Johnny won't even notice. He'll be smiling....because he's a proud Papa.

For some reason the link (above) to this video keeps breaking ~ but here's a direct link:

All I know for certain is: "I will never, ever, ever, EVER in my lifetime have to shovel snow again, even if it means that I have to move my car to another neighborhood." <------ and you can quote me on that. There, I did it for you. 



P.S. Is there anything cuter than a little Chihuahua? Oh my dear God, my heart is going pitter-patter. I just want to have 30 more.....But not all at once, like Johnny wants to do.


All I want to do is have this mans puppies. But we'll have to space them out for the next 45 years.


He's such a great daddy. This was after supper last night and I don't know who looks more full, daddy or puppy. Peanuts eyes are glazed over from her chicken supper and Johnny is about to go flat and enjoy his wine. This is my favorite time of the evening.

What was for supper? Lemon pepper talapia, Italian cole slaw (italian dressing instead of a mayo dressing), and roasted itty bitty baby potatoes & brussel sprouts.
I wasn't going to include the photo but Johnny said to. He loves food. I mean really loves food. I just don't get it {wink}. Good night friends & family. Lots of love.

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