Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photo contest day 3!

Day 3 of the photo contest, yay!  Now there are more than 34,000 entries. Lord help us all against those weirdos that think their dogs are soooo cute. What has this world come to?

To say I love dogs is an understatement. You know, I find that individuals who are raised with dogs know a level of love and intimacy that people who weren't raised with dogs don't know. They "connect" better on a personal level with other people. Does that make sense? It's just my observation. And you needed my spot of wisdom...why again?

(OK... I guess having a cat would work too, but I don't like to chat about cats. I'm itching just thinking about Johnny's face becomes the size of a watermellon around too many, ew -- oh, didn't I tell you that I don't, that cat's aren't exactly my favorite animal?) Don't judge me. Soooooooorrrrryyyyy.

Johnny had a dog named Daisy when he was growing up & he tells me the cutest stories about her. I think that's why he's such a good Doggie Daddy to his puppies and cares for them so well.

I feel sad for kids who don't grow up with a pet. I believe a family pet teaches kids to think past their own noses and become responsible for another being's health, happiness & welfare. It teaches them love and respect, nurturing & sympathy/empathy. It teaches them that life is not forever, and nor should it be, and that we love, lose, love, love, lose and then love some more. And that the time we have when the pet is alive makes it all worth it. It's the cycle of life. It's real. It's the same in the human world. No different.

In a perfect world (OK, so it's MY perfect world) every child would have a puppy. So there. I'm done now. Amen.

(OH! And buy a very, very good vacuum cleaner because you can lose a small child in the shedding season).

I almost chose this photo to enter of my sassy Peanut ~

~ Miss Peanut and her Duckie ~

But I was in a goofy mood today, kind of silly, actually. So I chose this photo instead ~

~ My nosy Chihuahua ~

Here is Peanut's submission

Haha, I'm still laughing. And that was the point.

Of course Peanut has the cutest, wettest, wiggliest nose in the whole contest!

But I do like the upside down puppy to her right. He's a close 2nd ;o)

Gosh he's cute! Look at all of that extra skin and is he smiling? I believe he is :o)

After I submitted Peanut's entry I literally sat here for an hour browsing through some of the other submitted photos. My heart needed this today & I had a blast. Sorry laundry basket. I'll see you tomorrow. Puppies beat laundry. Deal with it.

Can I tell you what perusing thousands of entries does to the soul? Miracles! OH MY GOD, my heart melted. I laughed out loud and I said "Aw" more times than I'd care to count. "My heaven" will be filled with dogs. I mean FILLED! No cats. Hee-hee. Don't hate me.

I also found out that Peanut is not the only nosey dog in America!

So cute! I love, love, love wet puppy noses.

Haha! You nosey little fella!

Wow, look at those eyes!

Speaking of eyes....I'm in love. This looks just like my (former) pug Schatzi.

I want this dog.

And this cutie makes my heart melt.

I am now a puddle of goo.

I want this dog, too.

This one? I just threw it in to gross you out ~ to see if you were paying attention.

I mean, have you ever??.....Look at the size of that.....ugh.

(P.S. I do not want this dog)

How clever! The heart says "Puppy Love" I know what my valentines will look like next year!

.....or I'll be in the animal hospital E.R. with candy hearts lodged down Minnie's throat....

Tell me your heart didn't just melt a little. C'mon...just a little?

If it didn't then you'd better take your heart off of the freezer shelf you keep it in. NOW!

My heart did, it's nearly gone. I want this dog dangit!!

This is why I can never step foot into a shelter and why I have 3 dogs. I can't say no. They own my heart and soul.  I had to do this today, to go into a "puppy love" zone. It's where I go when my world is just a teensy bit off kilter. There is no greater love than that which you will recieve from a dog. That's one thing I know for sure.

Tomorrow's Day 4 and the last day of the puppy photo contest. The photo? Of my Piper girl. I'd better get to snappin.

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