Thursday, February 25, 2010

Josh Update

We got a small update on Josh's Marine Corps status this morning from Gunny.

For the good news....Josh has lost 10 pounds, 10 more to go!!  Way to buckle down, Josh!  OO-RAH!

......And.....for the great news.....they have 2 slots open for AUGUST and as soon as he meets his weight goal they are going to put him in for one of those slots to ship off to boot camp.

My heart is doing flips this morning. Or is that my stomach? My heart is doing something, but I'm not sure what. I'm excited for him and this not knowing any time frame stuff was getting us all a little anxious. Now we have some kind of tangible goal to shoot for.

Josh was so thrilled with the news that he grunted and groaned, pulled the covers over his head, rolled over and went back to sleep. Afterall, it's not 2pm yet, what was I doing waking him up anyway? Bad mommy!

Every Marine recruit has a soft spot for a chihuahua. You can't be that hard core. You just have to act like you are. Peanut is his girl. He looks for her first thing when he comes in the house.

It's funny, I just realized someone is always holding Peanut! You all are going to think she has broken legs and we're just good at keeping it a secret.

So Josh will go to PT today at the recruiting center and show Gunny the progress he's made on his training. He can already exceed (by far) the pull up and sit up requirements, he just has to run 3 miles in a certain amount of time.

Gosh, my belly is doing something today. And my heart. I think it's just Mother-Love issues going on. I love this blog. I have a place where I can put all of this "stuff" then I can hit publish and walk away. Laundry is calling. So are the dishes...the dogs need baths....God, take care of my boy. I need to vacuum, what is for supper, I can't believe August, wow, this dream of his is getting real....And what is my stomach and heart doing today?!?  UGH!! 

I think I just need to enter another photo of my dogs in the contest!! YES!! That will make it all better. My puppies always make everything better.


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