Friday, February 26, 2010

Photo contest day 4 - Miss Piper

Before I close for the weekend I wanted to show you the photo I entered of Miss Piper in the photo contest. It's the last day, day 4. There are now 38,688 submissions and counting. I guess the contest closes at midnight. Soooo many Koo-koo people out there....I'm just saying....

Look at these eyes

Our Piper has been living with us now for 3 1/2 years and I can't really remember a time without her. She's so expressive with her eyes. Every day she looks at me with that sad little face and I just have to cuddle on her. She knows this about me. I think she practices those looks in the mirror when I'm gone.

Her submission ~

I don't know how I'd get through nearly 39,000 submissions if I were judging the contest.

I'd need a lot of tissue. And I'd have about 34,000 winners.

I'd sure need a lot of prizes.

Ok, I'd have nearly 39,000 winners. I lied.

So. Four days, four entries. I'll take four prizes, thank you very much :o)

Sorry, I'm such a proud Mommy. Shoot me.

I don't really care who Pioneer Woman judges as "The Winner" of her photo contest because I know that my girls are gorgeous and clever and sweet and well mannered if you bribe them with lots of Pupperoni treats...I can go on all day, I mean it. The point is, they win in my book. And in my blog!

As Johnny always says, "These tiny little souls make our lives complete."

I totally agree.


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