Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Kat!

9-1-1 What is your emergency ~ and it had better be good because I'm reading Twilight!!?

My little sister turns 33 today!

Kat's co-workers decorated her station yesterday before she got to work since she's off today for her actual birthday. It was party time at CTECC! aka Austin Comm Center.

It was Kristina's bday this week too so they had a joint celebration. Well...not a "joint celebration" although, that would be hilarious taking emergency calls: "Rescue 9-uh..hahaha, 1, dude! Ba-haha!! Wha?"

Noooooo, they celebrated both bdays and there were no joints allowed.

Thank you Tiffany for taking these awesome photos and sharing them with me! I felt like I was there with you all.

Angela is crowning Miss Pouty with a beautiful pink tiera.

Kat is thrilled and by the way, she loves pink.

Happy Birthday Princess Kat!

Aawww, you look so cute and poofy & pink  {{wink}}

Kristina is not happy because (1) she was a little bloated yesterday (2) she was also forced to wear pink, the horror [[scream!!]] and (3) she missed her own birthday par-tay!

Poor, sad Kristina ~ but I DO love your new "do." And what do you tough comm center girls have against pink anyway?

Kat seemed to have had enough fun for the both of you, right, Kat? Cheer up Kristina, we get to sing now. This is my favorite part of the party!

OK ~ So without further ado!!! 

Happy Birthday to you....cha-cha-cha!

Happy Birthday to you....cha-cha-cha!

Happy Birthday, Dear Kaaaa.....aaaaaat, cha-cha-cha!

Happy Birthday to you....cha-cha-cha!

And maaaaa-nyyyy mooooooore!!!

I have to say that I took my song lines very seriously and even though we (mainly I) totally sucked we hope you felt the luuuuuv. 

At first it was only going to be me and Johnny serenading you, but at the last minute, with much begging, pleading, some yelling & a little blackmail, Josh joined in too! Cool, huh?

And because I haven't humilited you enough with my obnoxious scream-singing, I happend to find this photo from 1977 (you were 9 only months old!) in my cedar chest. Totally random. Took me all night to dig it out, but whatever.

Too cute! It was Christmas Day and I was teaching you how to suck a candy cane. I think I still have those socks.

You were my birthday present that year. Just before my 8th birthday Mom & Dad asked me what gift I wanted and I said "A little sister." They said, "We can't make that happen this year, but we'll see about next year" were born 5 days before my 9th birthday. (Lets not think about that too much, moooooving on...)

Two weeks later I asked if they could return you and get me a bike instead....Bah - hahaha! But I'm glad they didn't. You're mine. I'm keeping you.

We hope you have the best of birthday's today. We'll be thinking of you and I look forward to my trip soon. We'll celebrate our birthdays together with a night of Mexican food and giant margaritas the size of my head. I promise.

Love you! Happy Birthday, Kat!


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Anonymous said...

Love it BQ!! I think I will adopt the cha cha cha!!