Monday, March 29, 2010

Well, I did it again! I'm onto another photography assignment/contest. I love PW's assignments. I get to go onto the Flicker pages and get inspired by everyone's beautiful images.

This week she's challenged us with "GREEN"  No rules...just GREEN.''

Since I'm stuck in bed I had time to revisit some old albums and the first thing that I always go back to when I think of anything beautiful is JAPAN. My Japan.

It's the perfect place where Johnny, Josh and I became a family. We had a wonderful 2 years of private time to tour the country & bond into little unit (with Minnie Mouse!) and where better than one of the most beautiful places on earth?

It wasn't always easy! Oh no, haha. Living off base was, let's say, "an interesting experience," but we laugh at so much of it now and I will never, ever forget the smell of kerosene. That's another story for another time....

We were so fortunate that Johnny was stationed at Yokosuka Navy Base during those first young years of our marriage. I had a new husband, Johnny had a new wife and 8 year old son, so we all needed a sanctuary to get to know each other and blend.

Looking back, I think it was by divine design because the three of us ended up leaving a piece of our hearts there forever.

We talk about our life in Japan a lot. That time period holds a very, deep, special memory for us. Josh even got a tattoo of the city we lived in written in Kanji ~ not that I necessarily love the idea ~ but he did, and that's that. It's a private place that only the three of us share and a bond that we have that no one can ever take away from us.

Anyway, that's my story of GREEN.

And it looks like 48,519 others have a green story also, I love it! These assignments are fun, why don't you join me? This one goes for 5 days, then PW will come up with another one. This is so inspiring to me.


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