Monday, April 26, 2010

Guess what Johnny & I went to see at the Warner Theater in D.C. yesterday?

(Thanks to my sister for saving the day with her....achem....iphone. We've been having an iphone/blackberry battle for a year and....I concede: "iphones rule, blackberry's drool." She was able to look up our show date & ticket time dates when we thought we'd missed the performance ~ all on her iphone from another state!)

Watch this 4 1/2 minute video ~ you will NOT be sorry!

Turn your speakers way up and be sure to tap your feel like we did for 2 hours until our chins hurt.

Oh, and clap too. That's what we did for 2 hours until our hands bled. Or at least felt like they were bleeding.

Go ahead, watch it. I'll wait..........................

I can be bossy at times. But only when it comes to Irish Dancing.


My sweetheart earned major husband points by taking me in to D.C. to see Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance. He was excited. See the excitement on his face? So excited. Really.


Heck no! Johnny didn't want to spend the day in his workshop making stuff out of wood and acrylic. Nope, he wanted to see men in tights running around the stage tapping out an irish jig. Uh-huh.


The whole street is star studded, I found Tyler Perry's handprint.


Melissa Ethridge's star....and many more.


Michael Flatley (creator, director & producer) is performing in his other show "Feet of Flames" now in Europe so the male lead was performed by Bobby Hodges. He was amazing, and dare I say...I liked him even more than I enjoy Michael Flatley. Ooops. But it's true. He brought the crowds to our feet, he was a truly gifted and athletic dancer. And he wore tight pants. Bonus.  ;o)

At every turn the staff made it clear to us that there was NO PHOTOGRAPHY allowed in the Warner Theater. Ok, ladies, gosh, calm down. We heard you loud and clear. Geeze.


So here's the inside of the theater. It was gorgeous! The pics don't do it justice since I didn't use a flash (I may live on the edge, but I'm not stupid). Everything was gold and red inside. Our view of the stage in the center pic. 


And I couldn't forget to snap a pic of the most handsome man in the building! The smile? It was just after I promised him that cute girls in tiny outfits would also be running around the stage dancing a jig. He was fully awake now.


This is after the show....yes, Johnny's happy. There was a particular scene in which a singer was strolling the stage in a dress that had a slit cut up to her thigh bone. I whispered to him, "Look at her shoes!" He replied, "Uuuuhhh....yeah, that's what I was looking at." I just burst out laughing. Riiiiiiiiiiiight, Johnny. Right.

I don't know why this was his favorite dance ~ when the girls tear off their dresses and dance in their tights and bras.....4 minute video:

Johnny paid attention to the whole performance and now he's wanting me to take up Irish Dancing.

Uuhhhh......I will if you will tootsie!  


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