Monday, April 5, 2010

I made my last Easter basket yesterday.

I was excited and sad at the same time. All day I kept going back and forth with all of these crazy emotions. Over a silly basket.

No.....I guess it's what hiding that little basket stood for all of these years. All of our Easters as a family, all of the egg hunts, parties, bar-b-q's, church events, Easter dinners, brunches, cakes, candies, photographs, the different homes we've celebrated in, etc....19 years of memories.

I mean, I know I'll be able to send Josh "care packages" and cards and such next year, but it won't be the same. Easter has always been just as fun for me as it has been for my little boy, now a man. 

Oh boy...Times, they are a changin'.


I bought Josh's Longaberger Easter basket when he was 2 years old and he's used it every year since. I'll never get rid of it. It's a treasure to me.

Yes, I made my almost 20 year old son an Easter basket.

Yes, I texted him up in his room to wake him up ~ "Hippity Hop! The Easter Bunny came, omg!!"

Yes, he came downstairs and hunted for it like he has every year since he was 2 years old.

Yes, I took pictures. Lots of pictures.

Yes, he laughed at me for taking pictures.

Yes, he humored me anyway (good boy).

Yes, the media card fried in my camera.

Yes, I lost all of my images.....and...

YES, I was pissed. And...

Yes, I was sad. I'm still sad today.

All I have left are the pictures of the stuff I put in the basket and photographed earlier that morning (and thank God had downloaded already!) and Josh was kind enough to let me take a few of him in the afternoon after I'd realized I lost all of my memories on that stupid SD card and was nearly in tears.


He loved his God of War t-shirt the best and wore it to dinner that evening. I made a ribbon out of a $20 bill so of course, he liked that, too! Nothing major, just a few fun things to make him smile ~ and stay semi-healthy.  He said not too much junk, he needs to stay fit for the Marine Corps. I tried....  :o)




Our brisket dinner turned out yummy!


Yes, I made my last Easter basket yesterday. 

Yes, this is harder than I thought it would be.


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Anonymous said...

Oh...honey.... Isn't that made your last Easter basket, and I gave my FIRST!! Sophie didn't get a goodie stuffed Longabarger, but thanks for the good idea...I'm such a bad mom. The store-bought one made her very happy tho...and she has been blowing bubbles pretty much non-stop... Not interested as much in candy as bubbles and stickers!! Her first Easter Egg hunt was a hoot too... Photos soon. I LOVE your blog...and I'm ruining my mascara reading it today.... He'll ALWAYS be your little boy....