Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm so excited!!! I just checked online and my photograph "M is for MACRO" was selected in Pioneer Woman's Group 2 finalists! I about fell off the couch when I saw it. There are over 20, 600 entries so far.

Remember this from a few days ago?


Pioneer Woman said "This is amazing" about my photo, but she's the one who inpires me.

Check it out! Go to this link and look at Group 2, I'm about halfway down:

And in the comments section- the people who wrote #7, #13, #23, #42, #51, #53 (hilarious!), #68, #72 says there's "mystery" behind my photo, #74, ....they talked about my photo ~ I want to be their new best friend.

And comment #12 thinks we are all professionals! Oh, Thomas, you have NO idea. Sooooo not a professional. Haven't even figured out all of the buttons on my new camera - in fact, this particular photo was taken on my Fuji Finepix 10MP (considered a point and shoot, but can be set to shoot in manual mode which I love) - not my Nikon D90. Sooooo totally learning and being inspired continually by these assignment PW gives us. But, thank you!

Oh man, I just can't keep smiling. I'll bet I have the doofiest grin on my face right now, thank God you can't see my face. You'd have me locked up.
I'm so happy. Really, very happy  :o)
A fabulous jewelry party here at my house with my friends this morning and a nod to my photo by Pioneer Woman, this has been a great day. If Gram would get better and get released from the hospital it would be a perfect day. I want to tell her about this. She always liked my pictures. She'd get such a kick out of this.

She just has to get better.

UPDATE: 15 minutes after I hit publish on this post, Jack, my father in law, called and told us that Gram woke up in the hospital this morning and is starting to form words. When he went to visit her today, it took her awhile, but she called him Jack. She'll be having her first meal in days; mashed potatoes and gravy. This is a PERFECT day.


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