Friday, May 7, 2010

I don't even have the time or energy to "black out" the poop on this one. It would take all day. I decided to just throw the photo up and see what happens.  Are you sick yet?  Have you gagged even once?  I know I have. 

But let me tell you one thing......

These birds are just the cutest darned things ever! I think they own a good chunk of my heart now. Forever. I look in on them every day and it's funny ~ I'll see them playing around and hopping around the nest....all of a sudden they spy me coming and it's like one of them screams DUCK! THE CRAZY WOMAN WITH THAT FLASHY THING IS BACK!!

And they hit the deck like a Marine under fire. Yes....I had to throw that in there too. (No news, still waiting) But these little birds are funny. 

I miss their tiny mohawks....I guess their wild teen days are over.

And might I add: They are LOUD. I can tell when their Mama comes to feed them now because even through 2 closed doors they sure rock-n-roll. Sounds like a Beatles concert in here and my dogs start to bark. Every. Single. Time.

So...about 63 times a day.  Advil please.  And now that the wreath is permanently "glued" to the glass door I won't have to worry about a Summer wreath at all. It will be winter wreath forever, baby. 

Spring 2009, Indigo Landing Restaurant

I'm headed out to a luncheon with the Alexandria Navy Wives Coffee Club ~ these women are awesome. They have been meeting since the mid 60's every single month. Now in their 70's & 80's they are a pretty rowdy crowd and still know how to party. They've asked me to join them as their guest and asked me to photograph them again, for the 3rd year in a row. I'm honored to!

And remember when I met Michelle Obabma and I wanted to steal her brooch, and when I met Ree Drummond and wanted to steal her Nikon? That feeling never came over me when I spotted Loise's Jimmy Choo animal print bag that she conveniently hung on the arm of her chair to torture me with. Oh, the agony.

Nope. That grab & dash out of the country thought never crossed my mind. Ugh. I'm a good girl. I need to find my rosary. It's in this house somewhere. I think....

So I have to get my camera batteries charged and hit the shower. And I'd better pop a vitamin or ten so that I can keep up with these gals today!

P.S. If Louise brings that Jimmy Choo bag again.....I may or may not be spending time in lock up for Mother's Day. I'm just saying.


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