Thursday, May 6, 2010

I won 2nd place in a photo contest!

Wow! I just found out that I won 2nd place in a Clickin Mom's photography contest.

They did an ABC challenge and so......what letter did I pick?  "M"

And what is the only "M" picture I've been talking about lately??? Why.....My M is for Macro picture that Ree Drummond chose as a finalist in HER macro photo contest ~ (scroll halfway down on that link to see my picture, it's there, I promise).


You want me to shut about this stinkin' photo now finally....don't you? Don't you?!? 

(Haaaaa.....fat chance. I will 104 years old telling everyone in my nursing home & the UPS man about my M photo. If I remember.....)

What were we talking about?.......

Oh, so I won 2nd place. I don't get anything because only 1st place winners receive prizes....but so what.... {{{{HIGH FIVE}}}}

I'm happy   :o)

I'm thinking I need to make this my Christmas card this year. Whacha think? No? Birthday cards? Hanukkah? Valentines?

I KNOW!!!  MOTHER'S DAY!!  Get it? M? Mother's Day? Mmmmothers Day??



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