Thursday, May 13, 2010

Well, this isn't the one I ordered, but my camera strap arrived last month and I forgot to show it off! I love, love, looooove the fabric.

My Nikon strap killed my neck every day, I'd be scratched up every night and Johnny was afraid that someone was going to call him in to the cops soon.  So I had to do something to save Johnny's reputation....SHOP !!'s for my huuuusband's sake, of course! I'm kind like that. 

This little puppy is soft, comfortable and......PRETTY!

~ cell phone pic ~

Brown, yellow, pink. I love it. The "Happy Daisy" fabric that I was obsessed with was all gone so the sweet woman had enough to make me a lariat and sent it to me for no cost. I was blown away by her kindness. Visit her etsy shop HERE. Now my Nikon is stylin'!

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