Sunday, May 16, 2010

My new "Mini Me"

My husband is awesome!! It's like he could read my mind....

Here's my regular laptop with its new little "mini me."  I love it!  Yes....there IS a piece of carrot cake on my screen ~ don't judge me.

My sister said now I can be an official "Blogger to go." The new machine can fit in my purse.

I love you, Johnny!!

Hope you got one for yourself...


Also.......this is the light fixture that I decided on for my kitchen. It'll hang above my little round table. I like it  :o)  Got it 10% off because it was the floor model; last one.

Can't wait for Tuesday. After nearly 6 years I'm finally getting my recessed lighting done. Gone with the gas station lighting, HOLLAH!! You know I'll take before & after's  ;o)


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