Monday, May 17, 2010

15 days, 15 steps ~ photography challenge! C'mon do it with me!

This is going to be fun! I've jumped aboard a "15 day photo challenge" so-to-speak that came across one of my photo news feeds online. It's actually more of a game. No entry fees. No judges. No Prizes. No winner. It's simply a personal goal. Cool, huh? I love setting goals, I love personal challenges & I love what else did I need to convince me to do it? Not a darned thing....


The goal: To dust off that camera!! Where is your camera, do you even know? Go get it! Charge the battery and get that memory card cleared off. Go on....I'll wait.

The main goal: To begin documenting life and the world you live in, the things around you that make you who you are. 

Make your "starting point" anywhere you want. Doesn't matter. This is between you and yourself.

Snap some pics at the starting point. You can't move. Just document what's around you. Choose ONE image and put it in your challenge folder on your computer. Name it DAY 1.

People, cars, things, signs, the ground, the sky, up down, do the hokey-pokey and turn yourself around......doesn't matter!

The next day....go back to your last spot and take 15 steps in any direction. It can be huge, giant leaps, or teensy tiny Geisha girl delicate tipy toe steps (yeah, that's soooo me), then from that point....document your world. Again, choose ONE image that particularly catches your eye, name it DAY 2.

Post process it in a software program if you wish, add fun frames, scrapbook it, leave it SOOC (straight out of the camera) just "as is" whatever you want to with it. It's your party. You can do what you want to.

The next day, back to your last spot, 15 more giant leaps....or tiny steps in any direction, it can even be back where you came from....again, between you and yourself.....snap some pics. Choose ONE and put it in your file, name it DAY 3.

~ One of my DAY 5 images ~ I love, love, love bricks ~

Okay, you get the picture. Haaaaaar....picture. Sorry. It's how my mind works.

15 Days, 15 photos. Let's see what you got. It's interesting to look through the lens of another person. What catches their eye? What do they find beautiful? What do they find intersting when they are challenged to stand in a spot? What does the world reveal to them?

Now, don't go hurting yourself! Don't blame me when your 15 steps put you in the middle of a busy intersection and you almost get hit by a bus. Please don't tell me that I almost got you killed. I will plead the 5th and delete this post so fast your head will spin. I mean, sometimes you'll have to take 20-25 steps and sometimes only 12 because of approx. where you end up.

Again, it's simply a challenge to venture out just a bit more each day and look around; see the beauty, oddness, curiosity, patterns, colors, peace or chaos in the world you live in.

Today is my Day 6. It will be my biggest challenge yet. I'll be on a main road. Nothing around. No homes. Nothing. Unless I decide to come backwards....Hmm....I'll have to see what today brings. Not to mention it's raining. Eeek. When I'm done I'll show you what my 15 days revealed to me, and I'll post a Facebook album. It's not a photography contest! Doesn't matter if you have a pro camera or a polariod. Don't be bashful! Just have fun and show off "YOUR WORLD."

Ready? SET? GO!


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