Thursday, May 27, 2010

Minnie had a bad day

My poor little Minnie Mouse

The only reason I took this pic is because at this point she was coming out of anethesia and "swimming" with her legs, making funny squeaking noises, acting drunk off her butt and look at her tongue! It got pretty crazy. At this point in the day she was okay. I was more worried about Johnny passing out. He lost all color to his face. He's not one for hospitals....that's putting it mildly.

To make a long story short, Minnie Mouse (who my sister calls "Farah" because of her winged, big, girly, crazy hair) was outside with me. While I chatted with a neighbor she started chewing on grass (and we are thinking some bark) and all of sudden started choking.

A long blade of grass was still stuck down her throat so naturally I pulled it out ~ which the Dr. said made "cuts" in her throat because edges of grass are sharp like knives.

So her throat swelled up and she couldn't breathe. Along with who knows what she was choking on, everything compounded and thank God there are emergency vets. And than God there are American Express cards. 

But that was our day. That little Minnie. She had me up from 1-4 am, needing meds and now she is sneezing continuously. I guess she's trying to get something out. If a piece of bark flies out of Farrah's nose, I'll let you know. I'm kinda hoping it will....

......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Josh came home last night. He was supposed to be gone for 2 days, but he and his Army recruiter have to go handle some of Josh's "business" today so that HOPEFULLY on Tuesday we can do this routine all over again. Because I'm not crazy enough. I'm not anxious enough. I'm not GRAY enough.

Thank you American Express cards. Thank you hair dye.


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