Saturday, July 10, 2010

He's ON sale but he's not FOR sale, ladies!

He's all mine! Hubba-hubba  ;o)

And yes, sweetheart, you are very "Special."  I love you!

We love this set for the family room, but the budget says we still need to wait a little longer. The lighting job in the basement was completed yesterday and wow, did it ever make a difference! Today we are on the hunt for a ceiling fan and some ceiling fixtures for the hallway. I'm excited. Lame, I know. But I have the "Fix this place up" bug. Too many HGTV shows have been playing in my kitchen. win the lottery....

We're getting very excited for our upcoming trip to Peoria! I'm going to have a cooking lesson with the best cook ever, my mother in law Ann. She's going to show me how to make her delicious salmon burgers. Mmmm....

Plus, I'm going to have a glass lesson with maser craftsman extraordinaire, my father in law Jack. Who knows what we're going to make, but I'm tough. I can take it.

And I can't wait to see sweet Gram and Johnny's Aunt & Uncle. We're bringing Liz back with us for a week so we'll have lots of time to catch up and sight see around D.C.

Can't wait to see you all very soon! Fingers crossed that our house is still in one piece when we get back and that I still have 2 dogs running around with Josh as our house/dog sitter. (We're taking Miss Minnie with us as she's been pretty frail lately and I want to keep her close by my side).....Oh, how I hate to fly.....

Oh my...just a teensy bit {{{{nervous}}}}.


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