Sunday, August 15, 2010

Madison in her princess tiara

OK, how stinkin cute is this?!?


We did a little browsing in Union Station yesterday and guess who zoned straight into the REAL bling? Yeah, that's right. Princess Madison. She's my girl, headed straight for the sparkly pretties. We must have tried on everything in the shop before buying a new butterfly hair clip for Madison to wear to the movies today. We passed on the tiara, but I'm thinking that "Mrs. Santa Claus" MUST go back to buy this for Miss M for Christmas......"The Mr. Santa" was in total agreement  {{{{wink}}}}


And by the way ~ Madison hates the camera. I mean, look at her, I can hardly get her to smile. Ever. She's not photogenic at all, nope.....Hee-hee.

I'm in heeeeeeeeeeaven!! This child let's me shoot her all day long. What did I do to deserve this? Several things I've learned: Be faster with my focus toggle. Move quickly. Quick shutter speeds. Move quickly. Bump my exposure +1 no matter what and I'm not sure why yet. Did I mention to move quickly? Don't be stupid and forget my zoom lens at home and love my f1.8 lens for indoor shooting. I repeat. I'm in heaven......oh, and move quickly!


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