Thursday, September 2, 2010

SO ready for Fall

I'm so behind on my blogging, it's horrible. I have so many things to share but I seem to have no time to sit at the computer until it's 10pm. But by then "Frankly, my Dear, I don't give a damn."

I have a day spent with the Hofmann's, our dear friends from Illinois (we got married in their home!), my prezzies from Jack, my father in law, that just blew my mind (something adorable made with a pic from my blog, you'll just die!), my glass lesson with Jack while I was visiting Peoria, Liz and her boyfriend (so cute!), pics of my sweet Gram, a fabulous recipe from Ann, my mother in law, omg the list goes on and on.....

What can I say? I'm sure I'll have a day coming up soon where all I will do is blog, but for now I have to run to the grocery store so that I can get yummies to make my $110 turkey meatloaf recipe.

Geeze, sooooo add that to the list of things I want to blog about also. OK, I'll take some pics tonight while I'm making it, at least that's a first step - my Nikon can handle a bit of raw turkey on the lens, no problem, because this meatloaf is out of this world good and you won't know it's turkey. Trust me. I'm married to a "meatloaf can only be made from ground beef! None of that sissy, diet crap" kind of guy. And it cost me dearly to get.....

But can I just say real quick? I'm so sick of the heat. I'm ready for Fall. Big time. Help me, I'm dying. I live here in N.VA so that I don't have to put up with the heat for too long, yet this has been the worst Summer we've had since I moved here 9 years ago. Can you believe it's been 9 years already?

Brenda, front row, far right, solid lavender jean jacket. I guess the hair color of the month was red!

I'm planning a trip to The Hillwood Estate/Museum with my girlfriends soon (the home of the Post Cereal heiress located in NW Washington, DC). When we visited Hillwood two years ago in October the leaves were turning and it was a crystal clear, bright, sunny, gorgeous day, though a bit crisp. I took these images in the garden while I was roaming aimlessly - lost from my group which is normal. But I don't mind being "lost", because they don't shooooo me along so quickly annoyed by the fact that I want to capture everything in my surroundings and that I slowly drift into my own private La-La land when I'm in a garden. Then I don't have to yell, "Go away! Leave me and my camera alone! I hate you!"

Ok, the last bit I just made up. But it sounds good in Evil Brenda's head, hee-hee.


The dew was still clinging to the flowers and the estate was decorated with scare crows, pumpkins and fall flower arrangements were everywhere to be seen. Fall.....please hurry up.


So, I'm darting off, just wanted to touch base and dream about cool, crisp, sunny, garden days for 10 minutes. Thanks for listening!


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