Thursday, September 16, 2010

THREE little things on my crazy mind today...

First ~ I have to inform you ~


I've grown about 17 feet since the last time you saw me. I'm not complaining. Seeing the world from 5'4" was getting pretty old. Gulliver asked me to marry him and I'm strongly considering it. Those are really horses in the photo. Don't let your eyes fool you.


Second ~ There were two construction workers fixing something minuscule on the side of the road on Ft. Belvoir the other day so they set this little 3 ft. tall yellow guy up close to them. I actually stopped my car, got out, laughed so hard I could hardly take the cell phone pic, got back in my car and waved goodbye. All while they just stared at me. I might have snapped today. I'm not sure. It's just the funniest thing I've ever seen ~ especially when we were in a neighborhood where the top speed limit is 20 mph!


Third, and finally ~ I got Josh's 20 year portraits hung up in the frame set above my sink. The fact that he turned 20 4 1/2 months ago....well, whatever. I'm a bit behind. I did a black and white of his tattoo since it certainly defines him. I love how it turned out.

And my walls? They just got painted 2 weeks ago, the shade is called "Peanut Butter" by Behr. I'm so happy with it  :o)

That was actually four things. Not three.

Sorry....Do you forgive me?


Maybe this will help. My Minnie Mouse ~ she was laying in her cubby hole behind the couch cushions just as the sun was setting through the windows. She just looked so precious laying there so sleepy. She's our little sweetheart  xoxo

Now do you forgive me?


My precious Peanut, looking all pitiful waiting for me to take her on a walk..."If Mommy would just stop fiddling with her camera!!...UGH!"  

The image is awkwardly logo stamped so I can send it into a photo group for critique and you're supposed to place it in a location where it can't be cropped out. Who knew? I used my new TOPAZ AJUST 4 photoshop plug ins that I want to wright a song about they are so wonderful. I'll show before/after's next week.

Awww....well, if you don't forgive me now, you're simply and Ogre! A 4-headed beast! You keep your heart in a stone crock in the back of the ice box! Meeeeeanie! I never liked you anyway!

Sorry...... Do you forgive me?


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