Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I just wanted to check in and say HI!

I haven't wanted to be a Debbie Downer on the blog; just keeping to myself for a few days and reading everyone's kind emails and notes, etc. You all are so fabulous!!!! I never in a million years expected this. The cards that have come in the mail, really, you pet owners out there know that Minnie was more than "just a dog." We've gotten so many funny stories and memories about Minnie, I had forgottten some of them. Thank you.

Everyone has been so loving with the exception of one person who actually used the death of my dog to make a dig at me in a disguised sympathy note.

Characteristically selfish & cold, but not surprising at all. I will leave it at that.

My father in law sent these cute pictures last night (Thank you, Jack xoxo). They were taken 2 years ago when we took our girls on a car trip to Peoria. We always have such a great time when we visit my in laws. Minnie was so healthy, I'd forgotten how she looked with more weight on her and when she was alert and full of energy. This summer really took it's toll on her....we think she may have even lost most of her hearing...either that or she was just ignoring us. She really had a mind of her own, ha!


And look at Gram! They both were feeling amazing, you can see it in the photo. Two of my favorites in one picture, I love it! How special xoxo.


One thing Minnie surely loved was "The Park" my inlaws have as a yard. We don't have a yard here in our townhouse and Minnie ran and roll in the grass; acting like she'd never seen grass before, leaving Johnny and me hanging our heads in shame. Wow Mom! What's all this green stuff!?!? And she was (gasp!!!) without a leash! Crazy! WILD! Free like the wind! I thought we'd never get her back in the house. City dogs....what are you gonna do?


We're hanging in there. Piper & Peanut lay on my lap and keep me company and we've been going on walks and playing....they do look for Minnie, though. They know. But life is so precious, I never take one day for granted. I'm thankful for every day and for the people in my life. Love you guys! Thank you so muchy! You have no idea how you've helped me through this. Next week we'll be back on track. Promise. No more sob stories. No more.

I have a party to plan, a boy to focus on (aaahhh he's leaving soon, oh my God!), a house to maintain, food to fix, volunteer work to do, puppies to bathe and walk and hug on, groceries to buy, ladies to lunch with, men to feed, hello?! Life must go on. Okay. So let's get on with it.

XOXO  Tons of love and appreciation from John, Brenda & Josh  XOXO


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