Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Josh turned 20.....well, OK, back in May.

My baby turned 20 in May. Is it still okay to call him my baby?

Wait a minute, you know what? Yes, it is. He's my only child and let me tell you something, even though he was only 6 pounds, 15 ounces, pushing him out of my body gives me LIFE LONG rights to call him my baby. Raising him through his terrible two's that lasted to his teen years gives me the right to call him my baby. Then raising him through his teen years gives me rights throughout eternity and beyond. Josh will always be my baby. You wanna make something of it? You wanna piece of me?

See what blogging does? It gives me clarity. And a spine.

Anyway....the day before his birthday I begged and pleaded Josh to give me 20 minutes so that I could take his 20-year portraits - something, anything to capture him at this moment in time.

My first mistake.

With eyes rolling, grunts and a few "Hurry Up Mom's" he gave me about 8 minutes flat and even (not really by choice) wore a nice-ish shirt ~ by that I mean, nothing stained with last night's supper, nothing torn or with cut off sleeves, or anything printed with the words US ARMY or GOLD'S GYM on the front.


I wasn't very smart and used the back courtyard that was very shady.

The shadows were a nightmare.

But I knew I'd be pushing it if I asked him to relocate to the front yard or, God forbid, across the street, where the lighting was fabulous but where people would see us (scream!!). It's a rule: photographs ARE light. Period. First and foremost, lighting has to be great. And it wasn't. My second (amature) mistake.
But he's my handsome boy and I love the way they came out anyway. Besides, they're for my kitchen wall so who cares?

On our way inside Josh grabbed his favorite girl, Peanut, and looked so cute I snapped this pic. Again, the shadows and lighting were horrible.

I did my best with the tools & actions I have and fixed it somewhat. I'm more pleased with Peanut's face than I am with Josh's.

At least it's better than it was, even though it's blown out in some areas now. My third mistake.

The point is that I practice constantly so in a year I hope I can take that same image and really fix it.

I'm a work in progress.

A picture is still worth a thousand words.

You see a smiling 20 year old, I see Josh impatiently groaning, "Are we done here? Can I scoot now? HUUUUUURRRYYY UP MOM!! Take the picture already!"

And behind the camera I'm screaming, "Just sit still and smile, dag-GONE-it! (Or was it Dad-GUM-it?) I'm still learning all of these stupid buttons! Oh my God you are so antsy, what are you? Like FOUR years old or something?!? Stop being so ruuuuuude!"

Mother/Son LOVE. All in one shot. Can't you see it?


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