Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last night was Josh's farewell party.  It's so surreal; the night was fabulous and flew by so quickly. Everyone had fun and no one wanted to go home. We kicked them out at 1am so we could clean up the club house (which Johnny and I completed at 2am!)

My boy had a great time and he and his friends thanked us several times for putting it all together. Johnny gave a nice toast and to our surprise and delight, so did Josh's best friend Rodge. I could cry just thinking about it.

By the way....the darling poster in the background was made by my niece Madison all by herself! Too cute!  (Josh loved it, Sweetheart, great job!)

He's bald. He's exhausted. He's anxious. But he's ready to go.

He leaves tomorrow.

I'll post more pics from the party this week, I just wanted to check in with everyone and let you know things went very, VERY well. My friend Tammy drove up from Norfolk (3 hrs) and my other friend Patty came from Maryland with her husband (1 hour), my friend Lynn made Josh the most awesome and delicious Army cake!! As well as my local friends, my East Coast Mom, our neighbors, J's was a perfect night and it all meant the world to our family.

I promise to share more very soon. I have to get through Josh leaving first so next time you hear from me Johnny and I will be official EMPTY NESTERS. Huh? I still can't believe the date is here. GAHH!

Did I say this all feels surreal?

I have to go take a nap. My inner party animal is catching up to my outer old lady, haha. My body isn't snapping back as fast as it used to. How pitiful.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes.


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