Friday, October 29, 2010

NO Internet. Boooo!

During one of the busiest weeks of my life (or in the past month), our internet router decides to fall over, put its belly up in the air, and go dark. No more pretty flashing red lights above my living room hutch telling me that I can log on and see what the rest of the word is doing.

Its been a lonely existence for the past 24 hours. I feel disconnected.....haha. Punny. *Snort* it's affecting my mind!

Farewell party plans are complete; I'm leaving shortly to go pick up the pool club house key and then we can decorate! Food is ordered. Beer & wine purchased. Cake designed and dropping off little green Army men later this afternoon. My sister mailed me her 2 (darling!!) poster boards that her family decorated. Johnny & I will decorate ours tonight...It's ON, baby! It's ON!

Josh leaves on Monday to start his in-processing at Ft. Meade. We get to go up Tuesday morning for pictures, hugs, tears, kicks in the rear, pinches and to wave bye-bye to the bus that will take the boy that I've devoted my entire adult life to away to Army boot camp.

We're all ready now. Its been a long year and we're prepared. Johnny & I are already getting giddy about all of the duty stations we'll get to go visit him at. (Please go to Italy, Josh!) (Or Germany) (Or France) (Or Japan!!) (Hawaii????)

Or best yet! Ft. Belvoir, Virginia!! YES!!!! We'll be neighbors  :o)

Next week I'll have plenty of pics to share so when you can't fall asleep you can look at my blog entries and you'll be out in 2 1/2 minutes flat.

I'm here to serve.

See you soon!


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