Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nomades Charm Bracelets!

Yesterday I went to my monthly NOSC board meeting (Naval Officers Spouses Club). I serve/volunteer on the board as the Coffee/Social Groups Chair and as the Facebook lady. That's the official term ~ Facebook Lady....

After our meeting my two girl friends Pam & Lynn pulled me aside (Lynn made Josh's farewell cake for his party, remember HERE? And HERE is the post about only the cake). 

Anyway, they said, "Brenda we have a little something for you!" and handed me a pretty black box. 

I was completely taken by surprise!

Very patriotic  

I saw the little drawstring pouch and my heart started to beat really fast.

And there it was. My "starter bracelet"with a set of Army dog tags on it for my Josh. 

They got it for me to remember my boy every day.

On the other side of the dog tags.....they had his name engraved. 
(I cut out his last name for his privacy, but you still get the point)

Can I just say that at this point, right outside of the board room ~ I went into the UGLY CRY.

I really did. The whole body shaking, crying, makeup & snot everywhere ugly cry.

Which made Lynn & Pam go into the ugly cry too and now they're mad at me because we had to go to lunch all swollen and poofy.

I was also speechless. Pam said, "Let's mark this date in the history books." Everyone knows I don't have many moments in life....ever....where I'm at a loss for words. It was how I was born. I can't help it.

Nomades Jewelry - website: HERE - is a company that supports our troops and they also know that women who love their soldiers/military men and who love jewelry WILL buy their bracelets, ha! Smart company.

I happen to be a woman who loves my military men (one Navy & one freshly Army) and I loooooove jewelry! Johnny said, "Oh man they saw you coming!" CHA-ching!

What you do is "create your story" depending on what your spouse/child does and the bases you/they aer assigned to. 

Other charms on my wish list include those pictured above ~ the "Support our troops" ribbon, Japan & San Diego (the mission), Infantry for my Josh, and I just like the tank for no reason other than it's adorable!

I just ordered the Infantry and the Ft. Benning charm (green parachute) to add....and someday. SOME DAY.....I'll get to add one of these cute grandchild (engraveable on the back). I can't wait to be a grandma! Let's get him through basic training first. A girlfriend would help too. Oh, and a wedding!

Here are all of the services. And the house is engraveable for your first duty station's address. Look at the "spacers." I love the ones that have rhinestones on them. They keep the charms in place so they don't all fall to one end of the bracelet.

And in the end you have "your story." Is this not the best gift ever? I was stunned. I saw Josh's little dog tags and was overwhelmed. My girlfriends are awesome. What a way to brighten my life.

Yes, Johnny said to order the USN anchor and to go ahead and make HIM a set of engraved dog tags (along with San Diego, Japan the Pentagon charm for Washington D.C. ~ our duty stations together as a married couple). Oh my, I just found out that they are launching a Naval Academy charm......  ;o)

Then it's up to Josh to fill up the rest of it ~ I already have Ft. Benning  & Infantry on order!  :o)

My bracelet is going to be beautiful and full of love and support for the most important 2 men in my life. I'll be able to look at it every day and think of them. 

♥  Thanks to my amazing girlfriends who I love, cherish and adore  

P.S. **I know you can purchase online, however why not support another military spouse/independent Nomades consultant?**

My personal consultant is Christy Dewitt and you can contact her at  


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Skinnydipping with Sputnik said...

If I was still on the board I would have gone into the Ugly Cry right there with you. Keep the Faith, Sister. We all love you... Smooches, Laurie