Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

I am so behind on my blogging, it's not even funny. I had the most amazing fun yesterday. It was our 13th Family Anniversary on New Years Eve! John, Josh & I have always celebrated the day as when we became a family .

The 3 of us we went out with 2 other couples to one of our favorite restaurants (where there was a 5 hour wait for a table by the way however, yours truly called ahead and we got a table in 10 minutes tops!

After a wonderful 2 hour dinner, we released Josh into the wild, wild world of 20-something's taking on D.C.'s nightlife, complete with fireworks on the National Mall at midnight while Johnny and I wiggled into our favorite comfy pj's and hit the couch faster than you could pop a champagne bottle! Unfortunately, the bubbly didn't agree with me after a few sips (ok, so basically it was totally gross, I picked wrong...) so down the drain it went and I enjoyed my iced sweet tea and watched TV until the ball dropped.

BEDTIME for party animals!

That ^ was my first photo upload for the new Flickr group that I joined called Project 365: The 2011 Edition. The concept is pretty self explanatory ~ upload a pic a day for an entire year; the image pretty much summing up your day, or a thought, or an experience or just a simple phone, point and shoot, big snazzy camera...whatever. Doesn't matter. It's YOUR project so it's totally up to you. I figured, I take many pics a day anyway so why not. Last year I only had 11 days where I didn't snap at least one pic on my cell phone so this should be easy....the HARD part will be remembering to upload/post daily onto the Flickr group! Wish me luck. Want to join me? There is a maximum membership of 2,011 (clever!) and so far we have 426 so c'mon! Go for it! We can keep each other inspired: HERE is the link. Please? {{{Begging}}}

What a year 2010 of the most eventful and "growth" years I've ever had. I loved it. Seriously, so much happened I'm glad I had this blog to sort it all out in my head. The most change came from Josh and I'm so pleased that everything worked out for him. He was my #1 focus and concern for the entire year. Sadly, he leaves in 2 days, back to his duty station & new home. But it's time to let him go ~ we raised a very independent child (at times, TOO independent, ugh!) and he's going to be fine. I'm confident of that. I will still miss him tons though  :o(

^ I love this man ^

Even though he likes to creep into the bedroom and scared the poo out of me! But he's usually bringing me coffee so I forgive him. Plus, I think he's cute so it's hard to be too scary.

So for New Year's day I made my boys a french toast casserole using my Panetonne bread. It's a "prepare night before" casserole and all you do it pop it in the oven for 30 mins and Voila!

A little bit of Mrs. Butterworth (my personal fav) and you've got a great start to a new year!

Our Christmas Day turkey ~ Johnny smoked it on the grill and it was super yummy. (Yes, I'm addicted to my iPod Touch apps; the 1970's and 1920's vintage camera settings are some of my fav's) Josh doesn't get it. He says, "Why would you want to go backwards in technology?!?" I donno know Joshie, I just love it. Deal with it   :o)~

♥  These two men...they are all I need. They make me happy  ♥

♥  Wait....NO.....And my sweet, precious puppies ~ They make my heart sing  ♥

♥  And....My friends & Family, I adore you!  ♥

♥  (And sweet tea...sweet tea completes me)  ♥


I have a feeling 2011 is going to be the best yet! xoxo

♥ Encourage one another ♥

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