Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Air Force 2 Tour, Andrews Air Force Base

How lucky are WE??

Our Army wives club was treated to a very special tour last week at Andrews Air Force Base that is not available to the general public because one of our members' husband is the pilot of......    can you guess??? ............

Air Force Two! This is the Vice President's (& Secretary of State's) plane. To say it was impressive in person is an understatement.

Photos via Kris Needham

Our tour started off at the 89th Airlift Wing where AF2 pilot, Lt. Col. Needham set up a film for us to watch on the history of the squadron and the fleet of planes. I was surprised to know there are several Air Force Two's in different sizes...sorry, but I was not aware!  J

After the film our pilot answered questions from our group then gave us a shopping opportunity. AF2 t-shirts for sale!! There I am with the girls (bottom right) waiting to go out to the plane (it was so cold!!). 

All of the ladies were in a long line to get their photo made in front of this seal on the plane. So....monkey see, monkey do!

"Ummm....hello? Can someone please take Mr. Biden some coffee?" Tap, tap, this thing on? 

Sorry, Mr. VP, Sir, no more coffee today. All my girlfriends cleaned you out. Guess I'm fired on my first day on the job.

 Group photo with AF2 pilots on the left.

Will you look at these 3 cuties? My friends Pam, Debbie & Lori, slightly frozen, but always beautiful.

Photos via Kris Needham

Top left: The AF2 flight attendant (I'm so sorry I didn't get her name!). She's been working for the VP for 5 years. Top Right: One of the kind crew members who answered the hundreds of questions hurled his way. He was so patient!

Afterwards we all went over to the Officer's Club and had a delicious lunch, complete with ice cream bar & cake for dessert. Yum.

What a fun tour this was! We felt very honored that the 89th Airlift Squadron took the time to secure a plane for us to tour and to show us around.

Have a great week everyone!


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