Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

This year Johnny & I celebrated Valentine's Day early on Saturday night with a group of about 30 friends. My girlfriend Pam's son is in culinary school and we were treated to "Italian Night with Chef Brendan" (I will be blogging those pics shortly).

SOoooo....I actually forgot that TODAY was Valentine's Day (Doh!) until I came down to the kitchen this morning.

My sweet Johnny left me a beautiful, romantic card on the kitchen counter before he left for work. He left me TWO cards, actually, but the second one is not G rated for my blog viewers, haha. (It's very funny! But for my eyes only *wink*)

That's what I love about Johnny. No matter what we're doing or where we going, I know we will laugh. We've laughed our way through 13 1/2 years so far.....


We truly are the best of friends.


Johnny likes to say that we could go to the city dump and still find a way to enjoy ourselves. I say, that's fine, as long as he packs me some sweet tea before we head out.

I can't imagine going through my life without my Johnny. I mean, who would I watch CSI reruns with and who would I give the run down of what today's Dr. Phill & Oprah show was all about every night? Who would squeeze Johnny's toothpaste tube all crazy & crooked and who would be his back seat driver? I mean....oooh...scary thoughts.

♥  I heart him 

There was also another little surprise on my kitchen counter. The man knows me
Oh, how I wish this were smell-a-vision...
I hope you all have a wonderfully loving Valentine's Day and that your heart flames are burning strong.


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