Friday, January 22, 2010

Post Script to my "Ann's Candy" blog entry.....

Remember the other day when I wrote about Ann's candy HERE ?

Well, turns out that Johnny is a little sneak.  And I'm telling his Mommy. 

I wrote that ALL of my favorite peanut butter cups were gone.  Eaten away.

But look what Johnny pulled out of the pantry today!!!

THREE Peanut Butter Cups.  ALL hidden from "MOI"

Oh, sure....he "claims" that he told me where the super secret stash was...

...but I know that he didn't.  He was just feeling guilty.  (And as well he should!)

I'm sooooooo telling his Mommy!  Oh, Aaa-aaannn...

After all, these were MY peanut butter cups. Made for ME! Only ME!


NOW do you see why I'm so possessive about these peanut butter cups?


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