Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I found it hard to believe that this was our 12th Valentine's Day, and it was so, so very romantic. We slept in late, which is one of our favorite things to do. Then we shared an awesome pot of coffee, another one of our favorite things to do. Then...hey, I'm not telling you everything! This is a family blog! Stop it!!

After breakfast, we decided to go see a matinee of the movie "Valentine's Day," it was so sweet & perfect for today. Josh stayed home, he's waaaaay too cool to be seen out with his lame & boring parents.

After the show, we walked over to Aditi in Kingstown for our favorite kind of food ~ INDIAN!

Nom, Nom, yummy....

Does this make your mouth water? I hope so!
I spy.....Johnny's cute lips!

Sorry, I just love the "I spy" game. I can't control myself.

The best part was my Mango Lassi ~ a yogurt mango taste of India.

The only think missing was the rum and Johnny said that next time we'd sneak in our own, haha!

It's HEAVENLY! My eyes rolled back in my head several times. Ask Johnny, he'll tell ya.

If I ever go missing, have Johnny search at Aditi's first, I'll probably be at the bar knocking down one of these babies. Or three or four. Don't judge me.

Down to the very last, single, scrumptious drop.

Don't worry, I didn't leave any left overs at the bottom of my glass. As soon as I took this pic I sucked the glass completely dry with such gusto, making Johnny very proud to be eating lunch with his delicate flower.

"STOP! In the name of loooooove......"

It's Valentine's Day, I have romance on the brain XOXO

When we got home we fell into a serious food coma and slept for 2 hours with the puppies!

It was the perfect Valentine's Day! (minus the Lady Anti Monkey Butt powder) but still....Johnny got me such a beautiful card to make up for it. And nothing beats a good nap. So there. 

I love my monkey butt crazy husband and the life we share with naps, movies, puppies, coffee, Indian food and (stop it!!) & I hope he'll be my Valentine for many, many more years to come. Like, another hundred.

I love you more than sweet tea.


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