Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

I've spent the day doing laundry....tons and tons of laundry. I don't know where it all came from. I was supposed to catch a movie with Josh after lunch, but he fell asleep and since he worked until midnight last night and is working until midnight again tonight, I just let him snooze and poked around on my computer instead in between loads.


I ran across these pics of baby Sophia from back in May. She loved this little heart toy and ran around my kitchen pretending it was her "magifying glass," just like Dora The Explorer, I learned. This little girl melts my heart. I can't decide which pic I like more. Her eyes in focus....


Or the focus on her tiny fingers. So I had to post them BOTH. OK...never mind. I just decided I love the second one, look at those little bitty fingers! It's my favorite. I think I need to print it.

Oh darn. I just scrolled up and looked at the first one...and her eyes and teensy button nose are precious!! Lord, help me, I could cry. How do Mommy's of little girls not just walk around in a puddle all day?


Too cute! Lori, don't ever throw those tiny pink crocks away. I'll haunt you forever if you do.


God knew exactly what he was doing when he decided not to give me a little girl. He knew that (1) I'd be a puddle of goo every single day (2) The child would get anything and everything her little heart desired and by now we'd be living under a bridge because Mommy couldn't say no (3) Did I mention I'd be a constant puddle of goo? (4) I'd never get anything done because I'd be staring at her all day long.

Which is exactly what is happening right now, even with the pictures that I found my May dryer is buzzing at washer is beeping at me...UGH.


Looking up at her balloon ~ I need a Sophia fix!

I'm gearing up for girly time...last night Johnny & made arrangements to fly our 6 year old niece Madison up to visit us for 10 days in August. I'm so excited!!! I don't expect to get a thing during that time...she's already told me all of the things she wants to do while she's in D.C., including riding on the D.C. Duck, visiting the "Giant Abraham" (Lincoln Memorial!) and meeting the President (or at least meeting his dog Bo). Guess I'll need to get on someone's A-list pretty fast, haha. Anyone have a secret White House contact I can call? Play time over ~ laundry awaits. Cya!


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Anonymous said...

I just gotta tell you... Sophia was playing with her little people SUV today (it's like the little people farm, only in the new millenium!)... and I asked her where she was goin? and she said "Benda's house, Mommy".... She talks about you all the time. She loves her Auntie Benda... and Mommy loves her Auntie Benda for taking such gorgeous photos of my baby. Hope to see you soon!
PS...I'm a puddle of goo every day!