Monday, August 16, 2010

Shoe Woo ~ I love you

I've had a few questions about these shoes. The love of my life. Ok, maybe a bit dramatic. But they are the love of my life. There I went again. Sorry.

I am definitely going back to get them. Period. If anyone buys the size 7.5 I'll hunt them down and shove a smelly flip flop down their throats. I like drama.

They were in a small shop in Union Station called SHOE WOO. Check out that link. Don't you just love the name of the store? A new favorite spot for me.


Unfortunately, I couldn't find them in their online store or else I wouldn't be whining right now. I'd be screaming "THEY'RE ALL MINE!! THEY'RE ALL MINE!! TAKE THAT!!" and I'd be huddled in a corner clutching them tightly to my body. Snarling.

So.......I need to go back. Hurt me. Please don't buy the size 7.5. Unless you're buying them for my birthday. Or Christmas. Or Mother's Day. Or Because I Love Shoes More Than You Day.


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Robyn DeWolf said...

Hi Brenda,
Your blog post came up in my google alerts. Love your passion! Just wanted to let you know how to find this style on if its easier for you - style name is Sharina, and it looks like we have the 7.5 in stock. Of course our Union Station store would be happy for another visit from you as well. Happy shopping!
Robyn from shoeWoo