Saturday, September 25, 2010

Minnie Mouse

Our sweet little Minnie Mouse passed away today at approximately 1pm in my arms with Johnny & Josh on either side of me. We took her to the vet at noon, she was in congestive heart failure and dying on arrival and didn't respond to aggressive meds to clear her lungs of the fluid trying to drown her.


~ An hour before she died ~

Our kind veterinarian helped to ease her way out of our world without any more suffering. We were blessed to have her in our lives for 12 1/2 funny, yappy, tender, joyous years.

She will leave a 5.4 pound hole in our hearts. Though its the hardest blog I've ever posted, I wanted to honor her. It's the last thing I can do as her Mommy.



katherine said...

How beautiful Farrah was even right before she left us.

Brenda said...

Thanks. What you can't see is how hard she was struggling for air. Within one hour she was barely able to breathe, it went so fast.

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry Brenda. Thank you for sharing Minnie with all of us thru your beautiful pictures! love love love you~ Tiffany

Anonymous said...

She was so damn cute. No more suffering for her. Hang in there!