Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I got my phone call!!

Yesterday was such a wonderful, exciting day and I can't wait to share everything with you - tomorrow. I downloaded most of the pics so I'll post very soon, I promise. 

I've been so worried all day because after Josh got on his bus to head to the airport the Army Captain assured all of us parents that we would be getting our one phone call as soon as our recruit (I love the sound of that) was safely ensconced at their bases with Mother Army.

I had both of my phones by my bed all night and the lap on until about 3am. No call came. All call. I came up with a thousand horrible scenarios, because that's what I do, most of them ending with CSI coming to my front door. Johnny's eyes rolled a lot tonight.

But guess what????!!!?!?!

I just got my phone call!

Josh sounded so good and no, I didn't cry (until we hung up). They gave him a 3 minute call and Johnny and I both got to listen to him tell us about his first day at boot camp.

First of all, they didn't even get to the base until nearly 1:30am (he'd been up since 4am), they had to do a briefing, some inprocessing and turn in everything they arrived with, including the clothes on their backs. They were issued uniforms already as well as PT gear, which he was wearing today.

He said that they got to sleep 1 1/2 hours on the hard floor and then they had to get up and have breakfast. Then came a medical physical; he got 8 shots and had a ton of blood drawn. He laughed when I asked him if they were feeding him. They do NOT go hungry at boot camp so I feel good about that.

He said the first week is orientation and inprocessing stuff. He starts boot camp after the 1st week. He will have a dental cleaning and eye exam tomorrow as well as some classes. They have to learn how to make a bed to Army regulations, he has to learn how to wear his uniform correctly, etc., all before his boot camp indoctrination ceremony.

Aaaaahhhh, now I can rest easy. I will finally sleep tonight, even if my boy can't. He was happy I could hear it in his voice, though several times he mentioned how ehausted he was. He told me he'd write letters and I told him I'd be anxiously checking the mailbox every day and of course we both told him how proud we were of him and that we missed him so much already and that we've thought of him ALL day!

Tomorrow I'll be able to post some pics of his party and of him shipping. Just wait til you see the grin on his face! What a little cutie. He's in the Army now! Hoooah!


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